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From decorative painting to whimsical murals; from classic styles to contemporary spaces, we will make your vision come true.


Fine Interior Painting


Whether your vision requires a decorative painting touch---like rag-rolling, stenciling or geometric paint techniques---or you just want to transform the look of your spaces with wall color, we can achieve the look you want for you. Many times, our clients are overwhelmed by color choices, and need some guidance to help in the selection process. We add value to our projects by looking at your spaces with expert eyes to help you make the right choice for the space.

Wallpapering and Murals


We have transformed basements into basketball courts, sitting rooms into libraries, fireplaces into focal points--and everything in between. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. Your bedroom will become an oasis; your living room an entertaining hub; your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood. Whatever your personal style and taste, we can reflect it with expertly applied wall coverings.

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